El equipo de A Smarter Planet creó un vídeo que explica un concepto muy interesante, "The Internet of things".

Interesante por que parte de un concepto muy simple y real de que Internet hoy tiene más "cosas" (dados) que personas y nos lleva a meditar sobre una conclusión bastante compleja:

When we talk about a smarter planet, you can say that it has two dimensions. One is to be more efficient, be less destructive, to connect different aspects of life which do affect each other in more conscience and deliberate and intelligent ways. But the other is also to generate fundamentally new insights, new activity, new forms of social relations. So you could look at the planet as an information, creation and transmission system, and the universe was hearing its information but we werent. But increasingly now we can, early days, baby steps days, but we can actually begin to hear the planet talking to us.